I feel rubbed raw lately, nerve endings exposed and torn.  It’s the kind of pain that makes me avoid the newspaper and television.  When I’m tired I remember what worked: the dope, the drinks, the hospital.

“How’s your spiritual fitness?”  She asks.  And, “Go to a meeting.  Help someone.”  I will.  I trust her.  I will go tomorrow.

Right now I need to curl up around my child, let the heat of his skin sink into me, feel his heart beating so fast and close to the surface like a little bird.  When I wake up I will walk the dog, go to the gym, have breakfast with my mom.

I’m not sure why it’s always worse at night and in the morning.  Maybe the sunlight burns it up like mold.  Maybe I just need to sit in the sun for a while.

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  1. eddiejt says:

    I hear what you are saying. Part of our continuing spiritual growth, and because it is a never-ending process, there is no finish line, it is not a race,you’ll find God’s gift of Sleep. A rejuvenation of the mind body and soul.

    I hope this morning sunshine will re-fresh your mind, body, and soul, and yes your spirit as well.

      1. eddiejt says:

        Thanks, and remember it will get warmer when you get home…enjoy! and wear leather!!

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