I remember the first time I left town after having a boyfriend. I don’t know if he was really a boyfriend because he still had a wife.


That night we fought about his wife. We were drunk. He had to buy the beers because I was only eighteen.


Remember being seventeen in that coffee place across the street from the bookstore when he told you it couldn’t happen again, and you said if he changed his mind to let you know.  How he went down on you in that cheap motel in Ensenada with your friend in the other bed and it felt…

semi-subversive in Los Angeles

I used to live in a Spanish style duplex near the Beverly Center.  Whenever anyone asked where I lived I would say Hollywood because it was a million times cooler than saying “near the Beverly Center,” or “between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.”  When we hear Hollywood we think of kids on the street and…

San Blas and Other Crazy Things

I read it, and I wanted to cry. So I started drinking water quickly to push it down. It doesn’t really matter. I know you loved me more than anything. You taught me that the only way to love is unconditionally. You explained so much. I argued even when I knew you were right because…